Phoenix Suns Hiring New Gorilla Mascot, College Degree Preferred

The Phoenix Suns are hiring a new gorilla mascot, a job that has more required skills and duties than you could possibly imagine.

Not only does the team prefer that you have a college degree to dress up in a gorilla suit and drunk basketballs, the job actually has a longer list of requirements than jobs with the word "executive" in the title.

Here's the list of qualifications for being the gorilla mascot:

• College degree preferred or equivalent experience
• 2 years of mascot experience required, either collegiate or professional
• Gymnastics, dance, and acro-dunk experience strongly recommended
• Stunt skills and/or training a plus
• Availability and willingness to work extended hours, including nights and weekends and be on-call as necessary
• Extreme athletic fitness level required
• Must be able to withstand and perform within extreme heat conditions, restrictive outfits, and impaired vision
• Ability to perform on feet in mentioned conditions for at least three hours at a time
• Must be able to run up and down stairs several times within a game
• Ability to lift heavy objects (50+ lbs.) multiple times suggested
• Ability to excite, motivate, and entertain a crowd; great sense of humor a must
• Ability to relate and respond to various personalities and actions
• Must possess extraordinary level of creativity, energy, and spontaneity
• Proficient in Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other related computer skills required
• Ability to meet tight deadlines and work well under pressure
• Strong organizational skills, time management skills and attention to detail required
• Ability to work independently without supervision, be self-directed and demonstrate initiative
• Ability to take direction without follow up
• Strong teamwork and team synergy skills required
• Excellent ability to establish rapport with others and ability to build strong interpersonal relationships
• Exhibit good judgment and decision-making skills

Aside from doing the gorilla stuff, the gorilla also has to run a website, go to workshops and conventions, and do a bunch of other things. It is a full-time, salaried position.

You also might have to get  punched in the face , which happened to a gorilla earlier this year at Tempe Marketplace -- although it was later clarified that it wasn't the gorilla.

The job posting can be found here . If anyone lands an interview, feel free to let us know how that goes.

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