Pierson Honahni
Pierson Honahni

Pierson Honahni's Girlfriend Was Nice Enough to Take Off His Shoes When He Fell Asleep, but Called the Cops When Cocaine Fell Out

Mesa resident Pierson Honahni seems to have a pretty nice girlfriend -- she'll take off Honahni's shoes if he falls asleep on the couch.

The problem is when she takes off his shoes and a bunch of cocaine falls out.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Honahni's girlfriend called police after finding the bag of cocaine last weekend.

Honahni's girlfriend greeted the officer at the door to the house and handed over the bag.

Sure enough, police say it tested positive for cocaine.

According to the documents, Honahni, 29, admitted that it was cocaine in his shoe and says he's been doing cocaine for about three years now.

Honahni, who has a DUI conviction on his record, faces a charge of narcotic-drug possession.


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