Pig-Napped: "Porkchop" Stolen by Lady in SUV; There's a Reward

A pig named "Porkchop" (the name's a bit on the presumptive side, if you ask us) was apparently pig-napped in downtown Phoenix on Monday. At least that's what signs being distributed around 7th Street and McDowell would suggest.

A colleague brought this to our attention yesterday and after several attempts to contact the pig's owner, we couldn't sit on it for another second -- it's too funny.

The sign shows a photo of "Porkchop" and a brief description of what happened, which, in our opinion, is the funniest part.

Check it out after the jump.

Pig-Napped: "Porkchop" Stolen by Lady in SUV; There's a Reward

As you can see, "Porkchop" was "stolen by a woman in a two-tone SUV," which implies someone witnessed the pig-napping.

We have a lot of questions for "Porkchop's" owner -- namely: why do you (apparently) live in a city and own a pig?

We have some questions for the suspected thief, too -- specifically: why the fuck would you steal a pig?

"Porkchop's" owner must not be too concerned with getting the pig back -- we called both numbers listed on the sign, left messages offering to help find the swine, and haven't heard anything back.

So, if you have any information regarding "Porkchop's" whereabouts, or know anything about the abduction, don't bother calling the number on the flier, call us -- we're dying to know everything.

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