Powerball Winner ID'd as Matthew Good; Fountain Hills Home Has Just Five Bedrooms

The co-winner of the gigantic Powerball jackpot has been identified as Fountain Hills resident Matthew Good.

Although we made a baseless guess that he lived in an estate on a golf course before winning millions upon millions of dollars, it turns out that he's just a moderately wealthy fellow in a five-bedroom home.

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Good bought the home in September 2011 for a few thousand short of $300,000, and the interior measures more than 2,400 square feet.

According to a description of the home on a real estate website, the backyard's got a pool, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and air-conditioned "hobby room."

That real estate website, Zillow, guesses that the home was worth more than $500,000 during the real estate heyday.

The current Good household.
The current Good household.
Google Maps

Good also has "job creator" Mitt Romney to thank, kind of.

Good has a profile on the website Linkedin, which describes him as a "CI Training Manager at D&M Holdings." D&M Holdings is a Japanese electronics company that was bought out in 2008 by America's most famous private-equity firm, Bain Capital.

Bain's had a part in the acquisition of plenty of companies, like Toys "R" Us and Domino's Pizza, just to name a couple.

Lottery officials said at a press conference last week that Good doesn't plan to leave his job, despite opting to take the $192 million (before tax) cash option.


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