Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Phoenix Journalist Heads to Afghanistan

Giblin (center) accepts the Pulitzer Prize with co-winner Ryan Gabrielson
Giblin (center) accepts the Pulitzer Prize with co-winner Ryan Gabrielson

Former East Valley Tribune scribe and co-winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Paul Giblin, is heading to Afghanistan.

The Arizona Guardian announced this morning that Giblin will be working in Afghanistan for a year as a civilian spokesman for the U.S. Military.

"When Paul Giblin Called me a while ago to tell me what he was doing; it took him nearly 10 minutes to convince me that it wasn't some sort of prank. And when the bulb finally went off in my head, I was, frankly, awe struck," Guardian Publisher Robert Grossfeld says on the publications Web site. "As a Pulitzer Prize winner, many assumed that Paul would eventually head off to the New York Times or Washington Post. And, I think, that is what makes his decision to go to work for the United States Army in a war zone so impressive."

While working at the Trib, Giblin won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009 with co-winner Ryan Gabrielson, for an investigative series called "Reasonable Doubt." The five-day series examined the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office's illegal immigration-enforcement operation and its threat to civil liberties.

Giblin left the Tribune and in January and helped launch the Arizona Guardian, a news site that covers state politics and government.

Giblin is scheduled to leave on Sunday.

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