Rachel Alexander Wins Reprieve From Judge; Appeal Back on Track

Don't let those conservative critics mislead you: The Arizona Supreme Court's Disciplinary Judge is really a big softie.

Judge William O'Neil has given Rachel Alexander, the ethics-bending former underling of Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, another chance to appeal the ordered suspension of her law license.

O'Neil, after upbraiding former prosecutor Rachel Alexander for failing to file an opening brief on time and deeming the appeal "abandoned," the judge has reversed himself and is letting the appeal move forward. He's also allowing the stay of her suspension to remain in effect during the appeal process.

The judge offers a flimsy reason for his flip-flop, stating that Alexander filed her emergency motion to reconsider his decision so quickly, he assumes she's now "prioritized this proceeding." Read Judge O'Neil's new order by clicking here.

Alexander now has until July 6 to submit her opening brief.


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