Milk-curdling: Ferret face MacEachern...

Repugnant Mugs

There's a reason why print journos don't do the evening news -- 'cause generally their homely mugs could curdle cartons of fresh milk. (Save for yours truly's,


.) That's why it's so bizarre that the doofi at the

AZ Repugnant's opinion page

foist their faces on us with all the enthusiasm of Mark Foley puckering up to a congressional page. One look at Gary Nelson's jug-eared noggin, Doug MacEachern's ferret face, the kisser of soccer mom-ish Laurie Roberts or Kathleen Ingley's cross between a librarian lady and the old Pat character from SNL, and I've gotta wonder, "Why should I pay attention to anything these dorks have to say?" Clay Thompson seems to be the only dude with brain enough to leave his pic off his column. (He does "Valley 101," with what looks like a knockoff of Rodin's "The Thinker" as his photo.)

On the other hand, Patricia Biggs looks like she might be kinda hot for her age. I'd need to inspect her in person to be sure. (Pat -- call me! My favorite film is Harold and Maude.) She's the closest thing the Repugnant's got to a Maureen Dowd (you know, the hottie over at the NYT), but it's hard to make up for MacEachern's dyspeptic puss, which is especially deserving of a burka. The guy looks like he's getting ready to eat someone's baby.

What I'm saying is, until the Repug gets a better-lookin' staff, leave the pics off, puh-lease! No one wants to see what the Repugnant's stable of nerd scribblers looks like...unless they get some dimes up in that bizzatch...


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