Tiny Tim: Tip-toeing through the Tulips of heaven.
Tiny Tim: Tip-toeing through the Tulips of heaven.

Rock Webs of Death

Still searching for more morbid info on dead rock stars? Consult these Web sites:


This site contains all the names and causes of death found in the encyclopedia, which makes for handy quick reference until you buy the book.


One of those ridiculous sites that seeks to honor the people who "gave their lives for Rock n' Roll." Its listing is heavy on heavy-metal stars and has creepy tattoo art -- like that's a surprise. It's sites like this that enrage sites like . . .


Bible-thumping yahoos have a page with spinning skull and crossbones and took most of their incomplete data from the above site and made a chart where you can list the dates by name, age and cause of death. According to Bible believers, dying young and living for rock fulfills the passage in Romans 6:23, "The wages of sin is DEATH . . ." It's a bit of a stretch to say dying in a plane crash or cancer is a sin. To skewer the evidence, they list 30 drug deaths but only 20 cancer deaths. Furthermore, they only list one rocker who died of "old age." Obviously, these people need to be taken to a Stones concert.


You can locate the final resting place of many a rock star by typing in a name. Most have pictures of the headstone and a map of where it's located. Tiny Tim's actually included coffin shots from the wake, with rouged cheeks that stand out on most computer monitors. Headstones of note: The day Gene Vincent turned blue, someone procured him a snappy blue headstone. Eddie Cochran's has a sculpted image of him and a poem with mush like:

"So I heard the creator say:

We need a master guitarist and singer.

I know of but one alone. His name is Eddie Cochran. I think I'll call him home.

I know the folks on earth won't mind For they will understand That the Lord loves perfection. Now we'll have a perfect band."


Now you can buy the last will and testaments of your favorite rock stars. For 15 bucks, the price of a Queen CD, you can get Freddie Mercury's will and death certificate. Ditto for Elvis, whose 13-page will was drafted less than six months before his death. The "King"-size death package also includes Presley's autopsy drawing. For $10 you can get John Lennon's will, which is described as "truly surprising in its simplicity and lack of warmth. One gets the feeling that Yoko was in the background on this one."


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