Rodney Glassman's Poll Numbers Go From Bad to Worse; Latest Poll Shows

The campaign of Rodney Glassman, the Democrat trying to unseat Senator John McCain in this year's election, is in rough shape, according to a new poll released today.

Glassman's campaign has taken some hits since the last poll was conducted -- most notably, the news that he plagiarized parts of his Ph.D. dissertation -- and it shows in the new numbers.

According to the latest Rockey Mountain Poll, Glassman now trails McCain in the race by 34 percentage points.

McCain leads with 56 percent of the vote to Glassman's 22 percent. Libertarian David Nolan came in with 2 percent and Green Party candidate Jerry Joslyn had 1 percent. Nineteen percent remain undecided.

If you trust polling numbers, this means Glassman's lost 14 percentage points since a Rassmussen poll was conducted last month -- prior to the news that he plagiarized his dissertation.

According to that poll, Glassman had gained some ground on McCain since a previous poll taken the month before.

Glassman had picked up six percentage points with McCain leading the race with 51 percent of the vote to Glassman's 37 percent.

Any ground Glassman may have gained last month has been wiped out -- and then some. If you buy political polls, that is.


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