Russell Pearce, and Neo-Nazi Arizona on Video Blast

Gilman attacks the Nazis, the Phoenix PD, and J.T. Ready in this video of the warfare on November 13

Phoenix's Michael Moore, videographer Dennis Gilman, braved rocks and industrial-strength pepper spray to bring us his latest video depicting yet another day in state Senate President-elect Russell Pearce's Arizona.

At what point do Nazi rallies and near-riots become commonplace, I wonder? Look for added civil unrest as Pearce rams more anti-poor, anti-immigrant legislation down the collective gullet of Sand Land's populace during the next legislative session.

Phoenix, a war zone, with nurse Odhner doing triage

I also include a YouTube video from the site of "Exodus the documentary" depicting nurse and Quaker Jason Odhner and others tending to those incapacitated by the cops' pepper spray on November 13. I'm one of those Jason helped.

I'm a cynic through and through. Still, compassion is a much maligned concept these days. I would argue that if mankind at large, and Arizona in microcosm, has a shot at advancement, progress and stability, it will be due to those like Odhner, his fellow Quakers, and the Unitarians who were present lending aid that day.

Pearce and his nativist tribe will not agree, of course. But they are on the wrong side of history, and they are destined -- despite their current ascension to power -- for the political landfill. In the dark days ahead, take courage from this thought. 


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