Russell Pearce Speaks Spanish with a Woman's Voice

Phoenix journalist Valeria Fernandez has single-handedly emasculated neo-Nazi hugging state Senator Russell Pearce, and in Spanish no less.

How she got Pearce to sit down for an interview for CNN en Espanol, I don't know. But listening to the best known Hispanic-bashing bigot in the state, and perhaps the nation, being translated by a woman's voice into Spanish is freaking hilarious.

Why? Well, because Pearce regards himself as the legislative embodiment of alpha-male John Wayne, and because he's a crusty, old hater.

Another plus: Fernandez's facial expressions, from which even the non-Spanish speaker can garner that she thinks Pearce is full of you know what.

Okay, maybe that wasn't Fernandez's intent. But still, I love the irony of the idea, at least, of Pearce unmanned in this fashion. Even his supporters will have to admit, he looks like a class-A schmuck. Which he is, BTW. 

Bravo, Valeria!


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