Russell Pearce's Most Awful Moments of 2012 (Thus Far...)

Ousted state Senate President Russell Pearce never fails to provide absurdly outrageous moments. Pearce's outrageous moments are far more cringe-worthy and outright despicable than they are humorous -- (although some are pretty damn funny).

There are still almost five full months left in 2012 and Pearce has already racked up a hefty list of awful moments so far this year. We've somehow managed to whittle those down into a list of Russell Pearce's top five most awful moments of 2012 (thus far...).

5. Your Delivery's a Little Off, Sir: Russell Pearce Talks "Crushed Scrotum" at Nationally Televised Event

Yes, the words coming out of Pearce's mouth in the above video were supposed to come together to formulate a joke . Pearce said "messaging is important as we communicate one with another." He should heed some of his own advice, because this particular message failed miserably to communicate this as a joke.

Pearce's sad attempt at humor occurred during a Lincoln Day Luncheon in Phoenix back in February. He began the alleged punchline for this joke at about the 1:32 second mark.

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