SB 1070 Video: Dennis Gilman's Latest on Saturday's Big March to the Capitol

If you have any doubts about the massiveness of Saturday's big anti-SB 1070 march to the Arizona state Capitol, this latest YouTube offering by everyone's fave revolutionary videographer Dennis Gilman should put them to rest. The organizers' count of 100,000 even seems a tad conservative in hindsight.  

Though it's a bit on the long side, Gilman's got some class stuff in here: The Dream Walkers; Mike Wilson of the Tohono O'odham Nation; Tucson firebrand Isabel Garcia; the AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka; and some of the undocumented students nabbed in that sit-down strike in U.S. Senator John McCain's Tucson office.

If you weren't there, hey, you should've been. Plus this was a hell of a lot more interesting than a bunch of boring ofays like they had over at the Tempe haters' rally. Enjoy.


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