Scottsdale Police Say This Guy Smashed a Bottle Over Someone's Face. They Want to Arrest Him

The man pictured above is wanted by the Scottsdale Police Department for allegedly smashing a bottle over a guy's face at a bar on New Year's Day.

According to the SPD, the above-pictured man was at the Devil's Martini bar in Scottsdale to ring in the new year, and he did so by smashing a bottle over a guy's face for no apparent reason.

The suspect reportedly walked up to a group of men just after midnight. One of the men in the group asked him to leave. He responded -- as we've mentioned -- by picking up a glass bottle and breaking it over the victim's face.

The victim suffered severe lacerations to his face, and the suspect got away scot-free.

Police are looking for this guy, so if you've seen him call the Scottsdale Police Department at 480-312-5000. 

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