Seventy-Year-Old Arizonan Walks Across Country to Achieve Life-Long Dream

Seventy-Year-Old Arizonan Walks Across Country to Achieve Life-Long Dream

For most people, retirement is a time to relax, catch up on some TV -- maybe play a little golf.

Not for Al Slusser. This 70-year old Arizona man has decided to spend one of his golden years walking across the country.

If that sounds badass, get this: Slusser's doing the walk to realize a life-long dream of athletic achievement when an early back injury kept him from playing sports -- and to raise funds for seniors and people with disabilities.

"This ambitious walk is my personal Super Bowl, World Series, and Olympics combined into one grand event," he writes on his Web site, where he regularly updates his progress via cell phone.

He expects his long walk -- which started on October 1 in California -- to take between 10 and 12 months. He's doing the walk solo, towing camping and food supplies in a 125-pound trailer on wheels strapped to a waist harness.

As of yesterday, Slusser was approaching Tucson. He plans to walk through Houston and the gulf states, then head up through Atlanta and -- eventually -- reach Washington D.C. Along the way, he hopes to stop at senior centers to encourage other seniors to follow their dreams too -- regardless of age.

You can follow Slusser's progress on his Web site.

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