Sex, Thugs and Rock 'n' Roll

Amateur Porn

It's a naked jungle out there: I have had it with prudish politicians who want to punish harmless fun ("Porn U," Robert Nelson, September 5). Anytime Brian Buck wants to run for higher office, he's got my vote.

Fred Burton

Police Problem

Hethinks thou protesteth too much: Many years ago, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a Sherlock Holmes story titled The Hound of the Baskervilles. Sherlock Holmes solved the mystery from the clue that the hound did not bark when he would have been expected to, if the alibi presented had been correct. Ever since then, I have looked at explanations that have been proffered and asked myself, "Did the hound bark?"

Commander Andy Anderson, of the Public Affairs Bureau of the Phoenix Police Department (Letters, September 5), writes to answer the column "Walking While Black," by Robert Nelson (August 8). In his letter, Commander Anderson writes that David James was stopped because: 1.) he was using an alley as a thoroughfare; 2.) two houses on the block were known drug houses; and 3.) customers of the drug houses used the alley to come and go.

If these were actually the case, particularly item 3, then a number of white suspects must have been (or should have been) stopped by the police. Commander Anderson did not list, or even mention, any of these stops. Yet he could have proved his case beyond a reasonable doubt by doing so. I'm afraid that, once again, the hound did not bark.

David Eisenberg
Via e-mail

School Daze

Withholding taxed: What fantasizing, that last paragraph in this week's Spiked column ("School of Hard Knocks," September 5), on an assistant AG to advocate against the very state agencies that your tax dollars and mine pay to defend. The practical effect of the current system structure (AG primary responsibility being to defend and/or advise state agencies on "staying out of trouble") is that big bucks are paid to advise said agencies on how to get away with outrageous unlawful conduct.

Again, what lovely fantasizing about getting easier access to state agency records.

Name withheld by request

Ultimate Authority

Groupie gab: Regarding your story on Authority Zero ("Authority Wins," Serene Dominic, September 5), I have seen firsthand how good and down to earth the band members really are. And I love them! All I really have to say is that the video is for the song "One More Minute." That is all.

Diana Daley

Newspaper War

Paper cut: Whoa! Easy, there, Deanster (Letters, September 5)! Don't get your mullet in a twist. You shouldn't have taken my letter [on the Arizona Republic] so personally. I was going to invite you over for an ice-cold Schlitz as a peace offering, but the HOAs here in "Snottsdale" don't allow visitors from Glendale. Not only that, I couldn't find a Food City nearby, and that damn Arizona Republic didn't have the coupon I needed!

No hard feelings? As soon as I pull my head out of my ass, I'm moving to Glendale!

David Jones

Information Highway

Matter of perspective: It was disconcerting at first to learn of the journalistic defectors to government ("Flack Attack," Spiked, August 29). Then frightening, considering what this does to public First Amendment free press protection.

"The only security of all is in a free press . . . no government ought to be without censors; and where the press is free no one ever will." -- Thomas Jefferson (1792)

"Since we're [newspapers] supposed to be critics of the government under our First Amendment -- or the whole Bill of Rights -- you don't want to be connected with them. And you don't want other people to conceive of you as connected with the government." -- Katharine Graham, Washington Post

How, then, can the public feel secure with a journalistic watchdog of government that is planning on joining government?

Herb Knauss


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