Should Paul Penzone and Richard Carmona Stay in Their Races?

Yesterday, activists made a call for Sheriff Joe Arpaio-challenger Paul Penzone and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona to stay in their respective races, which both men have already conceded to their opponents.

The number of votes remaining to be counted by the Maricopa County Elections Department was unknown early yesterday, but according to figured released later by Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell, there were more than 400,000 more votes to tabulate.

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"Today we've tabulated 44,455 early ballots. Following the hand count, as required by law, we will process and begin tabulation of the remaining ballots," the recorder's office said, as reported by Stephen Lemons yesterday evening. "Presently we have approximately 115,000 provisional ballots to process and tabulate in addition to 300,000 early ballots left processed and tabulated."

Lemons noted that Secretary of State Ken Bennett estimates more than 600,000 votes have yet to be tabulated statewide.

As of yesterday evening, Penzone was down by about 88,000 votes. Basically, the remaining votes would have to swing very heavily in Penzone's favor for him to have a chance.

For Carmona, it's tougher to say, since everyone's involved statewide, obviously.

However, to quote basketballer Kevin Garnett:

At this point, do you think Penzone and Carmona should stay in their races?

Cast your vote below:

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