Should Tom Horne Think About Resigning?
Photo by Matthew Hendley

Should Tom Horne Think About Resigning?

Maybe Attorney General Tom Horne ought to think about resigning.

Again, Horne and one of his employees were found to have circumvented state campaign-finance laws, by coordinating Horne's AG campaign with an independent-expenditure committee.

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-Horne and Winn Broke the Law, Must Pay Back $397K or Face Triple Fine

Stephen Lemons reported on Friday Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk's order for Horne and Kathleen Winn refund nearly $400,000 of the money raised by that independent-expenditure committee.

Of course, this comes after Horne hired his alleged mistress at the AG's office, and his efforts to hide it , as well as his hit-and-run case -- which was seen by two FBI agents who were following him.

Don't you think Horne should be thinking about, you know, resigning from his post as the state's top prosecutor?

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