Should Voters "Choose Somebody Else" for County Attorney, as Bill Montgomery Suggests?

See also: Bill Montgomery Declares War on Medical-Marijuana Law

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's on another one of his righteousness sprees, this time declaring his thought that just about anyone involved in the voter-approved medical marijuana can be prosecuted.

That's also his opinion about porn, if that means anything.

Montgomery -- who also believes the Arizona Legislature can legally ban all abortions -- would like to see the will of the voters flushed down the toilet in this case.

But, as our colleague Ray Stern reported yesterday, Montgomery says there's a way to get around his antics.

"I'm drawing a line," Montgomery said. "If people don't want me to draw that line, they need to choose somebody else."

How do you like the sound of that?

Cast your vote below:

The alternative is Libertarian candidate Michael Kielsky, by the way.


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