Since Jared Loughner's Tucson Massacre, Six U.S. Shootings Have Been Deadlier, Including Today's Shooting in Connecticut

Consider this: it hasn't quite been two years since Jared Loughner opened fire outside a Tucson safeway, killing six people, and injuring 13, including then-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

With today's shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut -- which reportedly killed 27 people, including 20 kids -- there have now been six mass shootings in the United States that were more deadly than Loughner's shooting, in less than two years.

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Of course, the shooting carried out by Loughner -- who's since been sentenced to life in prison -- likely attracted additional attention since it involved Loughner shooting a sitting congresswoman in the head.

However, going by the number of people left dead, six shootings have been deadlier than Loughner's since that day, and a seventh left just as many people dead as Loughner did.

Here they are:

  • Newtown Connecticut: 27 or 28 dead

  • The facts are still coming in on this, today's shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. According to the Associated Press, police believe 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children, six adults, and finally, himself. A 28th person was also found dead, at a different location, but it's unclear how that's connected to the shooting at the school.

  • Aurora, Colorado: 12 dead

  • James Holmes is accused of killing 12 people, and injuring 59, when he opened fire inside a movie theater about 30 minutes into the film, The Dark Knight Rises on July 20.

  • Seal Beach, California: 8 dead

  • Scott Dekraai apparently got into a child-custody argument with his ex-wife on October 12, 2011. According to the Orange County District Attorney, Dekraai went to his wife's place of employment -- a hair salon -- and started "executing employees and customers at random." Only one person shot survived, while eight people died.

  • Oakland, California: 7 dead

  • One L. Goh, a former student at a Korean Christian college in Oakland, allegedly started shooting people in a nursing class on April 2, killing seven people, and injuring three. He eventually surrendered to police, and until today, this was the deadliest shooting at a school since the Virginia Tech Massacre in 2007.

  • Oak Creek, Wisconsin: 7 dead

  • Apparent white-supremacist Wade Michael Page started shooting people at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on August 5. After being shot by a responding police officer, Page killed himself by shooting himself in the head. In total, Page killed seven people, including himself. Four others, including a police officer, were injured.

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: 7 dead

  • Andrew Engeldinger was fired from his job at a printing company on September 27, and responded by shooting people inside the building. Seven people ended up dying as a result of the shooting, including Engeldinger, who committed suicide.

  • Seattle, Washington: 6 dead

  • Ian Stawicki shot five people at a Seattle cafe on May 30. Four of them died. Stawicki shot and killed another woman a half-hour later, before stealing her SUV, and killed himself after being cornered by the cops.

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