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It Bites Not

Are you sure you're not getting paid?: Funny shtick ("Madcap Moses," Bite Me, Marnye Oppenheim, January 23)! A refreshing commentary with a little spunk (yeah, and I'm not even getting paid to say this). Kinda cool, kinda different, definitely amusing and entertaining. Definitely worth the time goofing off from work, yeah, definitely (done with my best Dustin Hoffman-Rain Man voice).

Name withheld by request

Funny girl: Just read the article by Marnye Oppenheim (Bite Me, January 30). Great sense of humor! She will be a great addition to Phoenix New Times. I'm looking forward to her next installment. New Times just keeps getting better and better!

Carol Chaddock
Via e-mail

Latin Lover

Sonoran dessert: Aaahhhhhhhh, sobaqueras ("Armpit Fare," La Calle, Silvana Salcido Esparza, January 30)! And what do you say of adding a little queso cocido to that lightly toasted tortilla and a dripping of that spicy salsa? Not to mention finishing off with a warm coyota with a big cup of cafe con lots of leche? The simple things Sonora has to offer are so missed. But thanks for the mouth-watering memories! Great article!

Michelle Grijalva

Fish Tale

Diner beware: Your review of Ocean Club was great and I had to write ("Yuck Fin," Carey Sweet, January 30). I live in north Scottsdale and I grew up and spent 40 years in Seattle so I know fresh fish. I have personally caught and prepared lots and lots of salmon, halibut, and all kinds of cooked and raw shellfish.

I tried Ocean Club right after it opened and my feeling was the same as yours. The fish is probably good but at those prices it should be spectacular. My personal choice was the "Two Pound Dungeness Crab" entree at $32.95 and the caesar salad for $8.95. The salad was fine, but when the crab arrived it was just barely legal size, maybe just over one pound. I asked to see the manager and explained to him that if they were going to list two-pound crabs on the menu, they should actually serve two-pound crabs. He, of course, apologized and comped my undersize crustacean. Unfortunately, all of the other diners from Duluth, Des Moines and Kansas City who order crab will continue to pay way too much for way too little in our north Scottsdale restaurants.

Keep up the good work. I enjoy your review every week.

John Meadows

Jail Sell

Imagine how excited we are: I was very excited to read the "Jailhouse Justice" column (Robert Nelson, January 23). I, too, had an intuition about the unjust way that the sheriff was treating his inmates. Of course, finding a way to get that across without facts was fruitless.

Upon visiting an inmate at the jail, I got a sense that we had a very dishonorable system. I could compare this when I went to visit an inmate at the Henderson, Nevada, jail and found a different feel in the air altogether.

Our sheriff should someday get a taste of his own punishments and disrespectfulness to find another way of handling our inmates. In fact, let's just get rid of him in favor of a more humane man.

Vicki Godwin
Via e-mail

Joe from the block: Perhaps Sheriff Joke's megalomania finally made him take one arrogant action too many. If he ever gets indicted, prosecuted and convicted, I hope he does end up at a regular prison, not a Club Fed, where he can explain his views on law and order to the boys on the block C-Block, that is.

I'm quite surprised that any of the people his DOs have killed over the years haven't had friends or family willing to reply in kind. I bet that will happen, sooner or later.

Marc V. Ridenour
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