Stars Back in Alignment in Arizona Republic's Astrology Column

Stars Back in Alignment in Arizona Republic's Astrology Column
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Arizona Republic readers can rest easy: The paper's astrology column is back to publishing one-to-four-star advance reviews of the type of day they can expect.

After the paper canceled one syndicated horoscope and picked up another last month, readers noticed that the one-to-four-star advance reviews of their day had disappeared. Previously, readers could check at a glance whether they should prepare for disaster or fortune, and many of them were frustrated at the change.

Republic columnist Clay Thompson noted back on July 2 that he was getting lots of questions about the stars, and announced on July 8 they were coming back.

We just noticed them... and confirmed we're having a four-star day.

Thompson has a sort of postscript to the story in his column today:

A prediction: Horoscope questions will be passed over

by Clay Thompson - Jul. 29, 2009 12:00 AM

The Arizona Republic

People, we need to talk.

First: I. Do. Not. Want. To. Hear. Any. More. About. The. Horoscopes. OK?

Some of you really need to get a life. Next:

Sounds like Clay's having a one-star day.

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