State GOPers Want Photo-Radar Gone for Good

Photo-radar enforcement is done-zo on Arizona highways, but several Republicans in the Arizona state Legislature say that's not good enough -- they want it banned everywhere.

While state-wide photo-radar enforcement was given the heave-ho by voters last year, it still exists in cities across the state -- and a bill making its way through the Arizona Legislature would put an end to that, as well.

SB 1352, sponsored by several Senate Republicans, including Senator Frank Antenori, was given the green light last night by the Senate Government Reform Committee.

The bill would prohibit the use of photo-radar enforcement to identify people violating traffic signal laws, like running red lights, and for speed enforcement anywhere in the state.

Proponents of the bill echo many of the concerns raised when voters opted to ditch the cameras last year. They say the cameras do nothing to keep roads safer, and they're nothing more than a money grab for governments to cash in on reckless drivers.

Those opposed say photo-radar enforcement saves lives.

Either way, it seems the Grand Canyon State is gearing up for another battle over whether a camera can do the job of a cop.

Read the entire bill here.


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