Sue Krentz--One of Our Favorites--Continues to Fight After Getting Hit by Drunk Driver

Quick note in the "If it wasn't for bad luck" department.

For obvious reasons, those of us who write tough stories for a living have to try to maintain a professional demeanor at all times.

Earlier this year, we traveled down to Cochise County to conduct the first media interview of Mrs. Susan Krentz, widow of murdered cattle rancher Rob Krentz (in the photo), for the story "Cowboy Down."

Here is that story.

The crime--one of the tipping points in the "debate" over illegal immigration--remains unsolved.

As hard-boiled as we sometimes are, Mrs. Krentz's hospitality and graciousness deeply touched us during our long visit on the sprawling ranch that the family has called home for more than a century.

She is a wonderful lady, heartbroken and confused about a lot of things, but still wonderful.

It really upset us when we got word that Mrs. Krentz suffered life-threatening injuries last Sunday night after she and a friend got hit by a drunk driver moments after leaving church services in Douglas.

Friends of ours from the border tell us that Mrs. Krentz remains at a Tucson hospital in serious, but stable condition with a broken pelvis, head and facial injuries and internal bleeding.

Terrible stuff.

Here is a poignant short piece by the excellent writer Leo Banks about Mrs. Krentz recently published in the Tucson Weekly.


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