Susan Brock Not Playing Nice in Prison; Gets First Disciplinary Infraction Four Months into 13-Year Sentence

The same day this week's New Times cover story, "Brocked Up," hit newsstands across the Valley, it was brought to our attention that the (ahem) star of the story, Susan Brock, hasn't been playing too nice with prison staff while serving time as a guest of the state.

Brock, the supposedly estranged wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, is serving a 13-year prison sentence after admitting that she carried out a sexual relationship with a teenage boy for nearly three years. The Brock's adult daughter, Rachel, was convicted of abusing the same boy and is  awaiting sentencing.

Get all the details on the bizarre tale of religion, politics, and sex here.

According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, Brock was hit with a disciplinary infraction for disobeying prison staff on August 23 -- just more than four months after she was admitted to the big house in April. She was found guilty of the infraction on August 29, according to the ADC.

ADC spokesman Barrett Marson tells New Times he's not sure exactly what earned Brock the disciplinary citation, but he presumes it was a fairly minor infraction with little -- if any -- consequences.

If it were for something serious, like fighting, Marson says, Brock would probably be reclassified with a heightened security classification. Brock, however, remains a level-three (medium-security) inmate at the Arizona State Prison Complex at Perryville.

Brock, apparently, has landed a job in the clink, too -- according to her ADC file, she's been employed by the Perryville prison kitchen since April 30.

Marson says if he gets any specific information about the incident that earned Brock the infraction, he'll let us know. Check back for details.


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