"Take the Money and Run:" Scottsdale Man Pleads Not Guilty to Writing Steve Miller Band a Bad Check

A Scottsdale man pleaded not guilty yesterday for allegedly passing a bogus check to the Steve Miller Band for a show the group played in Casper, Wyoming last November.

Robert Alfred Green, a 48-year-old concert promoter from Scottsdale, appeared Tuesday in Natrona County District Court, where he has been charged with one count of felony check fraud.

The charges stem from a show the band played last November in Casper that was promoted by Green.

According to police, Green wrote the band a check for $90,600 for the performance but in May, when the band went to cash the check, there wasn't enough money in Green's account to cover it.

A representative for the band called police, who began investigating Green and arrested him.

Green's trial date has been set for January 25.


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