Taser International to Police: Don't Shoot People in the Chest

Taser International to Police: Don't Shoot People in the Chest

That's what Taser International is telling law enforcement agencies that use its stun guns.

In a training bulletin issued by the company, Taser International advises law-enforcement agencies that, in order to avoid potential criticism, they should not shoot suspects in the chest with stun guns.

"Should sudden cardiac arrest occur in a scenario involving a Taser discharge to the chest area, it would place the law-enforcement agency, the officer, and Taser International in the difficult situation of trying to ascertain what role, if any, the Taser . . . could have played," the bulletin says.

In other words, if someone gets zapped and happens to die from cardiac arrest, it still may have just been their time to go.

Taser insists that the warning is only to avoid any controversy, not because shooting someone in the chest poses an actual health risk.

Cop shops across the globe seem to be listening.

According to the Arizona Republic, Phoenix police, as well as law enforcement agencies in Canada and Australia are considering the warning and "new guidelines are being adopted by trainers who are reviewing departmental policy for possible changes."

"Reviewing departmental policy?" Couldn't they just say, "Hey guys, aim for the leg?"

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