Tempe "Compassion Club" Delta 9 Busted for Pot Sales

Tempe "Compassion Club" Delta 9 Busted for Pot Sales
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Yet another "compassion club" in the Phoenix area has been raided by police.

This time, it was a place called Delta 9, located in a strip mall at Broadway Road and Hardy Drive in Tempe.

For those who don't know, the compassion club model has been a method used to provide medical-marijuana users with their medicine. They were more common before dispensaries were allowed to open, the concept being is that a donation -- as opposed to a direct purchase -- to the club gets a patient the pot.

Tempe "Compassion Club" Delta 9 Busted for Pot Sales

Now, more than three years after Arizona voters passed the Medical Marijuana Act, the clubs are still getting busted.

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According to Tempe Police Sergeant Michael Pooley, this bust came as a result of complaints that pot was being sold inside Delta 9. (Delta 9 is part of the formal name of tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive substance in cannabis.)

There wasn't much drama to the investigation -- Pooley says employees of Delta 9 confirmed to police that they were selling marijuana, and police came back with a warrant to take inventory.

Pooley says three employees were arrested and booked into jail on charges of possession of marijuana for sale, a felony.

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