Tempe Cop Accidentally Hits 14-Year-Old Girl With Taser Probe

Tempe Cop Accidentally Hits 14-Year-Old Girl With Taser Probe
By Junglecat via Wikimedia Commons

A Tempe police officer accidentally discharged the probes from his Taser while showing it to a middle school class, police say.

One of the probes hit a 14-year-old girl in the arm, while the other probe struck a wall. The girl was not hit with the electrical current, since both probes need to hit someone for that to happen.

According to Tempe police spokeswoman Molly Enright, the officer, a designated school resource officer, was speaking to an eighth-grade class at Gilliland Middle School when this happened.

Some sort of discussion followed about the Taser, and the officer -- whose name hasn't been released -- took the Taser out of its holster to give the kids a better look, when he accidentally fired the probes.

The probe, which has a sharp, dart-like end, was removed from the girl's arm at a hospital. The girl was released from the hospital after that.

"The officer has been removed from the school while this incident is investigated to determine how and why this occurred," Enright says in a statement.

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