Terry Goddard Condemns New Times Article about Brewer's Son -- by Issuing Press Release About It. Hmmm

Terry Goddard condemned New Times' blog post today about Jan Brewer's mentally ill son -- in a press release sent to the biggest blabbermouths in town, the news media.

"The New Times post about Governor Brewer's son is both unfair and inappropriate . Her son is not running for governor. Families should never be subjected to attack, just because they are related to political candidates."

The only thing he left out was a link to the article, which we'll provide here.

Goddard's strong statement about the article seems to reveal a few things:

1. Goddard, the state Attorney General running as a Democratic candidate against Brewer, wants to distance himself from the article. ("Jan, I didn't leak it to 'em!)

2. He wants to make sure nobody writes anything about his personal life or his family, other than about his ex-governor father.

3. He wants to make everyone sees the article.

Thanks for the extra page views, Terry!


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