The 10 Richest Arizona Cardinals

Newsflash: Being a professional athlete can be very lucrative.

Now, we don't have access to the Arizona Cardinals' Wells Fargo accounts, but based on earnings and endorsements, we can estimate the richest members of this year's successful squad. And some of these players might surprise you, as suspended linebacker Daryl Washington — who hasn't even played a game since 2013 — and backup quarterback Drew Stanton are 12th- and 13th-richest, respectively. Here are the 10 wealthiest:

10.) Red Bryant

For a defensive lineman who hasn't even amassed 100 tackles in his eight-year career, Bryant still made this list, earning more than $22.6 million, mostly paid out by the Seattle Seahawks.

9.) Cory Redding

He's never been a superstar, but this defensive lineman has collected more than $23 million over his 13-year career.

8.) Mike Iupati

This offensive lineman will be more toward the top of this list in a few years, as he's earned relatively modest pay for getting named to four Pro Bowls in his six-year career. But just one year into his big free-agent deal with the Cardinals, Iupati has managed to collect just under $28 million.

7.) Chris Johnson

Despite being the most prolific running back in the NFL for a short time, the 30-year-old  is just seventh on our ranking. He's earned more in paychecks ($43.7 million) than teammate Patrick Peterson, but Peterson appears to have way more involvement in endorsement deals than Johnson ever had.

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