This is What "Desert Divas" Mean By "High-End" Hookers?

Alleged Desert Diva Cynthia Ann Mathews
Alleged Desert Diva Cynthia Ann Mathews

Since the "Desert Diva" prostitution ring is making headlines again, we thought we'd give you a glimpse at some of the merchandise Valley "Johns" paid up to $3,400 to spend an evening with.

Our friends at CBS 5 (KPHO) put together a little slideshow of the booking photos of about 50 of the hookers, madams, and handlers flipping tricks for some of the area's elite, and we've gotta be honest, most of it aint pretty.

To call some of these gals "high-end hookers" would be like calling a 1984 Fiat a luxury car.

Granted, these are all mugshots, but still....

Few places will you find a better collection of meth teeth, stringy hair, apparent cold sores, and despair than viewing a collection of these "divas." 

Be warned: Some of these photos could replace the syrup of ipecac in your medicine cabinet, so make sure there is a pot, garbage can, or air sickness bag in close proximity. Um, enjoy.

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