Top 10 Arizona Gun Stories of 2013

Top 10 Arizona Gun Stories of 2013
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There are just four states where guns are so popular that they have an official state gun -- and you bet Arizona's one of them.

From gun laws, crimes, statistics, accidents, and trends, there's been a lot of gun-related news around Arizona this year. We bring you our top 10 gun stories for 2013:

10.) Murder Charge Against Former Guns & Ammo Magazine Editor Dropped

Top 10 Arizona Gun Stories of 2013
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Richard Venola, 54, was arrested by Mohave County Sheriff's deputies last year, after the former Guns & Ammo editor allegedly used a gun and ammo to shoot 39-year-old James Patrick O'Neill outside Venola's home in Golden Valley. After two deadlocked juries this year, charges against Venola were dropped.

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