Top 10 Douchiest Arizonans in 2014

Top 10 Douchiest Arizonans in 2014
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The trusty online Urban Dictionary defines "douchiest" as "to be the ultimate example of a douche" -- but in 2014 we had a surplus of such ultimate examples in Arizona.

From the ineffective governor who left the state with its finances in shambles, to average citizens whose stupidity lifted them into the headlines, these 10 Arizonans helped make the state the laughingstock most of the country thinks it is.

It was tough to narrow this down to 10, so if you feel strongly that we missed your favorite douche, please share your nominations in the comment section.

Here are the winners:

10.) Rex Chapman, ex-NBA player

Rex Chapman, in a non-shoplifting moment from his glory days.
Rex Chapman, in a non-shoplifting moment from his glory days.

Rex Everett Chapman describes himself on Twitter as, "a KY homebred. The original #3, McDonald's HS All-Am, UKBB All-Am, 12-yr NBA'er, NBA exec, TV BBall analyst, father, & thoroughbred enthusiast." Chapman undoubtedly made many millions during his career, which included a highly praised stint as a Phoenix Suns player. Yet Chapman's life has apparently sunk low.

In September, he was arrested following a Apple-Store-shoplifting investigation by Scottsdale police. Cops say Chapman scammed the store for thousands in electronic goods, pretending to purchase the items before selling them at a pawn store. He hasn't yet been charged with a crime, court records show. But judging by the police report, he's blown his basketball fortune and is suffering from a bout of seriously impaired judgment.

9.) John Huppenthal

Boo-hoo! I got caught!
Boo-hoo! I got caught!
ABC-15 video screen shot

John Huppenthal is a longtime east Valley lawmaker, and most recently the state's Superintendent of Public Instruction. It was a colossal failure on his part to lose his bid for reelection in the GOP primary against Diane Douglas, who critics claim isn't qualified for the post. But Huppenthal earned every negative vote with his social-media sock-puppet stunt.

In true cowardly fashion, the elected official -- using a handle of "Falcon9" -- took to the comment sections of local blogs to write, among other things, how people on welfare were "lazy pigs" and that Mexican-restaurant menus should be written only in English. Most shamefully of all, though, was how Huppenthal broke down and cried at a news conference after he'd been caught, showing the public he's a complete wuss.

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