Top 5 Ways Nature Kills in Arizona

Mother nature caused nearly 600 deaths in Arizona between 2005 and 2011.

Even though most injuries sustained from nature or the environment aren't fatal in Arizona -- as more than 22,000 people visited emergency rooms for those injuries in 2011 alone -- you might be surprised to find out what the most deadly killers are in the state.

Check out the list of the top-five natural killers in Arizona, including death tolls from 2005 through 2011:

5.) Lightning: 9 deaths

Top 5 Ways Nature Kills in Arizona


Much better odds than winning a lottery jackpot. The state health department report doesn't show how many, if any, people survived lightning strikes during this seven-year span.

4.) Mauled or Bitten by Dog: 12 deaths

Top 5 Ways Nature Kills in Arizona


Dog attacks are hardly ever fatal, as 6,720 people visited an emergency room for a dog bite in 2011, but only 12 people have been killed by dog attacks in the last seven years.

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