Top contributors to these key state officials . . .

Governor Jane Hull (R)

AZ Republican Party $79,929
Republican National State Committee $70,000
Del Webb Employees PAC $10,000
Western Growers PAC $10,000
Bank One Arizona PAC $9,310
Edward Robson and family $5,320
Phil and Patricia Dion $5,250
Bank of America PAC $5,000
Campaign America $5,000
Phelps Dodge PAC $4,440

Attorney General Janet Napolitano (D)

Janet Napolitano $110,492
Jack and Carol Whiteman $32,280
Leonard Napolitano Sr. $20,760
James and Roberta Pederson $5,760
United Food & Commercial Workers $3,790
AZ Education Association $3,500
Delbert R. Lewis $3,260
Herman and Steven Chanen $2,860
Donald L. Waring $2,520
Eddie Basha Jr. $2,500
Phoenix police PAC $2,500
Elizabeth W. McNulty $2,500

Corporation Commissioner Tony West (R)

Tony West $20,000
G. Michael Bogle $10,000
Joseph and Sari Deihl $10,000
Joseph M. Murphy $10,000
Del Webb Employees PAC $7,700
Charles and Debra Siddle $7,650
Francis and Jahm Najafi $7,600
AZ Republican Party $7,500
Kimberly Ortiz $7,500
Lynda Weise $7,500

Treasurer Carol Springer (R)

Carol Springer $10,000
AZ Realtors PAC $6,000
Irving and Audrey Zirbel $1,350
Bank of America PAC $1,250
Brad and Claudia Meahl $1,250
Bank One Arizona PAC $1,150
Phelps Dodge PAC $1,060
Home Builders PAC $1,000
Lou Silverstein $1,000
Del Webb Employees PAC $960

Senate President Brenda Burns (R)

Bank One Arizona PAC $800
Michael and Carol Curtis $600
William France and family $600
Richard and Alice Snell $600
Michael and Marilyn Brophy $500
Donald and Joan Diamond $500
Rural Metro Employees PAC $500
SRP PAC $500
William and Caren Catalanotte $400
Robert and Denise Delgado $400
Bill and Gertie Hickman $400
Michael and Susan Minnaugh $400
Larry and Mary Richmond $400
Eugene and Mildred Rickles $400
Allan and Marcia Stanton $400

Senate Minority Leader Jack Brown (D)

Steven Heap $600
Rukin and Carolyn Jelks $600
APS PAC $300
AZ ACRE Rural Utilities PAC $300
AZ Auto Retailers PAC $300
AZ Rock Products Association PAC $300
Jim McCarty $300
Phelps Dodge PAC $300
Professional Firefighters PAC $300

House Speaker Jeff Groscost (R)

William France and family $900
Edward Robson and family $810
Michael Bidwill and family $800
Don and Marie Isaacson $500
SRP PAC $500
Carl and Tita Triphahn $500
Michael and Carol Curtis $450
Steve and Janet Betts $400
David Kimball $400
Louis and Georgia Poulos $400
Paul and Bobette Sherrard $400

House Minority Leader
Robert McLendon (D)

Brian and Brenda Hall $600
AZ Education Association $500
AZ Medical Association $400
Ophthalmologists PAC $400
AZ Auto Retailers PAC $300
AZ Dental Association $300
AZ Wholesale Beer & Liquor PAC $300
AZ Trial Lawyers PAC $300
Del Webb Employees PAC $300
William P. Gresser Jr. $300
Professional Firefighters PAC $300
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