Two Arizona Residents Caught in Nebraska With 10 Pounds of Meth; At Least We're Living Up to Our Reputation

Two Arizona nitwits decided to take their own version of the Arizona Meth Project on the road this week and found themselves arrested and facing drug charges.

As one of the national leaders in meth use, this ought to buff Arizona's gleaming reputation.

Police in Hall County, Nebraska arrested 18-year-old Ruben Torres and 21-year-old Connie Sanchez after they were pulled over by Nebraska State Patrol.

No, the pair was not arrested for merely being Arizona residents (although, given our reputation throughout the country, could you really blame the police if they were?)

The two were arrested after police found 10 pounds of crystal meth lining the side walls of their car.

The drugs were sealed in five separate bags and are believed to have a street value of close to $200,000.

At least it was a substantial amount and not just some rogue rock sitting in a cup holder. We already have the stigma, we might as well be professional about it. 

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