UPDATE: Police Identify Five More Arizona Victims of "Doctor" Jeffrey Graybill

"Doctor" Jeffrey Graybill, accused molester of men.
"Doctor" Jeffrey Graybill, accused molester of men.

New Times reported yesterday about the arrest of Jeffrey Graybill, an Arizona man who's accused of posing as a fertility doctor in LA and posting Craigslist ads soliciting "semen donors" to attract victims he would sexually molest.

The Phoenix Police Department says today it's identified five more of Graybill's alleged Arizona victims. 

Among them are a Scottsdale medical doctor, whose identity Graybill stole, and four men from Phoenix, Glendale, and Tempe, whom Graybill sexually assaulted.

Police believe there are more victims and want anyone with additional information to call  (602) 262-7626 and cite the police report number to the PPD operator: 2009-91481067. You would then be transferred to the appropriate officers. 

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