Not Ernie Hancock...

V for Vendetta

Ernie Hancock is one wacky mofo. He's currently running for Secretary of State, but he won't be voting in the November 7 election. Why? Because he believes the whole thing is rigged through electronic voting machines, which have been proven hackable by none other than Princeton U.

The guy's got a point, and he's got way cool signs, inspired by the V for Vendetta flick. I tried calling him, but the fella's so pugnacious from jump that it was near impossible to have a civil confab. I certainly can't get with him on his acceptance of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. (Whatever happened to believing in UFOs?) And he's got all the personality of a cornered warthog. But his Freedom's Phoenix website does make for intriguing reading, like a cross between Lyndon LaRouche's website and the Weekly World News.


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