Valley Metro Sees 15 Percent Increase in Ridership

The piss poor economy is driving people across the Valley to the poorhouse, and apparently, they're taking the light rail to get there.

Despite the struggling economy, Valley Metro ridership is up 15 percent from last year, partly due to the addition of the light rail, but also because people just can't afford to drive.

"Certainly, in the last six months, overall transit ridership has been boosted by the new Metro light rail service," says David Boggs, executive director of Valley Metro. "We now have a complete transit system with bus and rail connections, getting more Valley residents and visitors out of their cars."

Despite having a less than stellar June, officials say that since the light rail opened last December more than five million people have used it.

All Valley Metro needs now is a bus or train that can take passengers out of Arizona and into a state with a decent job market.

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