Wanna Watch Hells Angels Duke it Out in Cyber-Land? Just Mention Them in a News Article

Are the Hells Angels still scary?

Sure, there's the occasional murder or bar fight -- and once in a while you'll find a few slangin' meth to hillbillies -- but it seems the Sonny Barger/ Altamont days of busting up bars and running amok wherever they see fit have come to an end.

The new forum for biker-buffoonery: the Internet -- more specifically any article written about the gang by New Times.

Apparently the Angels have hung up their brass-knuckles and baseball bats in exchange for laptop computers and cutting -- but poorly spelled -- remarks.

On Tuesday, we published a story about an ex-leader of the gang's Tucson chapter who happened to have the body of a missing man buried in his backyard.

Within seconds, people claiming to be the Angels and their foes packed into our comment section, using a story about a murder investigation to argue over who the bigger pussies are, who molests kids, and whether someone named Mike Yuvtek is "god" of the Hells Angels.

Check it out here -- 182 comments in two days.

This isn't the first time people claiming to be the Angels and their adversaries have squared off in the safety of cyber space -- another story we did last year turned into a similar debate over child molestation and abusing women.

That story collected a back-and-forth of 312 comments. Check it out here.

We figure the third time's a charm -- so have at it Angels. Look below -- there's a big, juicy comment section just waiting for your nuggets of wisdom.

Tear away.


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