Weed and ATVs: Border Patrol Snags Both in Latest Marijuana Bust

Where's the weed at? The Arizona desert, that's where.
Where's the weed at? The Arizona desert, that's where.

Border Patrol agents made another substantial weed bust yesterday, and as well as becoming the new owners of hundreds of pounds of weed, agents got some sweet, new toys out of the deal, too.

Agents on patrol near Three Points noticed some ATV tracks in a remote section of the desert.

The agents followed the tracks, which led to two, un-manned ATVs that -- like a lot of things motorized and found in the middle of the desert these days -- were full of weed.

Stashed throughout the ATVs, agents found 25 bricks of ganja, weighing a total of 633 pounds with an estimated street value of about $500,000.

Agents seized both the pot and the ATVs

If you've been keeping score, you know that weed busts like this are just the cost of doing business in Arizona's drug corridor.

Since October of last year, Border Patrol agents have seized more than 622,000 pounds of marijuana with a street value -- according to the authorities -- of more than $498 million.  

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