What Really Happened to Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman's Son on "A" Mountain Last Night?

As you may have heard, Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman's son was injured on "A" Mountain last night -- and that's about all anyone knows for sure.

Eli Hallman, 18, suffered head injuries and a broken jaw. He claims he was assaulted by three men, but now says he does not desire prosecution in the case, according to the Tempe Police Department.

Adding to the mystery of what actually happened to the younger Hallman is the fact that police were originally told that he fell while rock climbing -- about 2 a.m, according to Tempe police.

Tempe Sergeant Steve Carbajal says detectives have searched the mountain and found precisely zero evidence that an assault occurred -- no evidence, no crime scene, no suspects, and no witnesses.

We asked Carbajal if there's a chance Hallman is making up the story about the assault.

"We can't say that right now," he tells New Times. "He has injuries and alleges an assault, so we can't discredit that."

At the very least, it sounds a little fishy, if you ask us.


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