Whippersnapper Arpaio Promotes 109-Year-Old Woman to "Posse Colonel"

Whippersnapper Arpaio Promotes 109-Year-Old Woman to "Posse Colonel"

A day after scurrying off stage at the Cronkite School and ordering one of his deputies to defy a court order, Sheriff Arpaio took some time out of his busy schedule this morning to do some of the, um, really important stuff -- like promoting a 109-year-old member of his infamous posse to the rank of "colonel."

At 109, the sheriff's new "colonel," Elva McKittrick, could have been in an actual posse member in the wild west. Hell, she's old enough to have known Wyatt Freakin' Earp.

And we thought Joe, at 77, was an addled, dried-up law-codger! 

Arpaio plans to honor McKittrick with a badge at the Royal Oaks Retirement Home to make the promotion official.

"Anytime we can honor a senior citizen like Elva who wants to contribute to society in any way possible right to the very last breath, I think we owe it to them to do so," Arpaio tells CBS 5 (KPHO).

Very last breath, huh? It seems the sheriff is selling granny short -- we're sure she has at least six months of pushing her walker around shopping malls.

Look out this Christmas season, shoplifters, there could be a pistol-packin' granny on the loose. 

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