White Supremacist Suspected of Stabbing Black Man Denies Accusation

White Supremacist Suspected of Stabbing Black Man Denies Accusation

Channel 10 news (KSAZ-TV) aired a jailhouse interview last week with Chad Kerns, the tattooed white supremacist accused of stabbing a black man at a Walgreen's store.

Without ever getting too specific, Kerns says he was at the scene of the crime with other suspects but didn't assault anyone. Kerns, who sports a beard and sorrowful expression in the interview, looks like an average white guy -- except for the tattoos on his face.

Kern tells Fox News Phoenix that while he once was affiliated with a white supremacist "movement," it was just politics and had nothing to do with any street gang activities.

"I've moved on from that stuff," he tells Channel 10. Meanwhile, a relative of Kern's writes New Times that Kern has a new wife and baby:

DML says: Chad has made his mistakes. Yes. But he is doing his best to change. He is my nephews father and now has a wife and another baby which he loves and wants to be there for. Regardless, he does do his best and what he can to be a good part of this society aside from his wifes and kids lives. And this comes from someone that would almost like to see him locked up for a long time, but does believe he has 'changed'. Don't judge a book by its cover. More 'power' to you, Chad! (I am not 'White Power" BTW)

Posted On: Saturday, Apr. 25 2009 @ 7:24AM

The trial against Kerns and three other suspects is planned for September. Meantime, it seems like Kerns could benefit from a good laser.

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