Who Gets . . .

Candidate Race Amount

Jane Hull (R) Governor $2,101,935
Paul Johnson (D) Governor $1,418,140
Tom McGovern (R) Attorney General $836,132
Janet Napolitano (D) Attorney General $729,681
John Kaites (R) Attorney General $382,089
Betsey Bayless (R) Secretary of State $274,516
D.L. Culiver (R) Treasurer $271,531
James Howl (R) Governor $242,407
Tony West (R) Corporation Commission $209,424
Art Hamilton (D) Secretary of State $178,814
Gary Carnicle (R) Corporation Commission $153,830
Jim Irvin (R) Corporation Commission $147,071

Note: Includes contributions and loans during the 1998 election cycle to all committees benefiting an active candidate .


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