Republicans would be so much happier if they'd just toke up, dood...

Whoa, doood...

PC Friday is like one part Al Franken's Stuart Smalley and two-parts Cheech and Chong. It's freakin' hi-larious. Every Friday from 5-6pm on the Liddy & Hill show (KKNT 960 AM), hosts Tom Liddy and Austin Hill channel their inner looney-liberal stoner selves and do the whole show as if it were coming from an indoor pot farm at NAU. The hour opens with the sound of a gurgling bong, and is punctuated by the occasional Steely Dan, Cat Stevens, or John Lennon ditty. Liddy and Hill decry corporate America, evil Republicans, and "the man," to such an extent, it almost goes past lampoon to the real thing. I'm guessing that if some transplants from Seattle were tuning in, they might miss the irony, and think they'd moved to the People's Republic of Phoenix. Callers imitate Liddy & Hill's Spicoli-esque drawl, and talk up the benefits of free love, tofu, Marxism, and organic farming. It's too bad they don't do their PC Friday shtik more often, because the rest of the week, it's like a regular right-wing radio show, and lacks the humor. Liddy's the son of G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame, and Hill's the author of White House Confidential: The Little Book of Weird Presidential History (Cumberland House). Like Joe Bob used to say (still says?), check 'em out.


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