Will Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon Be Disbarred?

Stock up on the popcorn -- a State Bar disciplinary panel is set to release the findings of its inquiry into former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and former deputy county attorneys Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander on April 10.

Both Thomas and Aubuchon face possible disbarment, and Alexander could have her law license suspended if the panel finds allegations of ethics violations true.

According to the closing argument from the Independent Bar Counsel, Thomas and company didn't seem to make it out of those proceedings on a high note.

Archived videos of the proceedings can be found here for those late to the game, and a good deal of back-story on the proceedings from our colleague Ray Stern can be found through this post.

This morning's question: Will Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon be disbarred?

Cast your vote below:

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