Winnie Ruth Judd: A Tour

Leigh Fords home, 510 West Lynwood Street. Next door to the Halloran family home, this is the house where Winnie Ruth lived after her arrival in Phoenix. She resided with the Fords as their live-in nanny and met neighbor Jack Halloran, a married man with whom she had a notorious affair, during that time.

Jack Hallorans home, 514 West Lynwood Street

Grunow Memorial Clinic, 926 East McDowell Road. Winnie worked here with Anne LeRoi, one of the victims.


Winnie Ruth Judd

"The Murder House," 2943/2947 North Second Street

The Ulysses Apartments, 1130 East Brill Street. The apartment complex where Winnie Ruth lived at the time of the murders. The trunk containing the two women's bodies was delivered to this address by Ruth's neighbor and the owner of this property. When he told her the trunk was too heavy to ship via train, she repacked some of the body parts into several smaller trunks. Today, it's a parking lot for Good Samaritan Hospital.

Union Pacific Station, 401 West Harrison Street. Here, Winnie boarded a train bound for Los Angeles. Her luggage contained the bodies of two of her friends.

Arizona State Hospital, 24th Street and Van Buren. Run, Winnie! Run!

Home of the Reverend and Mrs. H. J. McKinnell, 1328 East Moreland Street. Ruth's parents lived here after moving to Phoenix to be closer to their daughter, who was incarcerated at the nearby Arizona State Hospital. Winnie stayed here overnight during one of her many escapes from the bughouse.


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