Worse Campaign Brain Fart: Herman Cain, Rick Perry, or Jan Brewer?

Presidential candidate Herman Cain is the latest politico to join the campaign brain-fart club thanks to comments made to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's editorial board  -- which include "[I] got all this stuff twirling around in my head" -- when asked whether he agrees with how President Barack Obama handled the uprising in Libya. 

Cain's isn't the first flatulent mind to get some unwanted attention -- Texas Governor Rick Perry suffered a similar case of brain flatulence during a GOP debate, and we'll never forget Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's epic moment(s) of silence during a gubernatorial debate last year.

See video of each politico's brain fart below.

Cain's thoughts (or lack thereof) on Libya:

Perry knows he wants to get rid of three government agencies -- he just can't seem to remember which ones:

Jan bein' Jan:

Each brain poot is tough to watch -- yet impossible to ignore. That said, we want to know what you think: which politician's brain fart is the worst?

Cast your vote below.


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